Umpqua XS435 Bendback Hook

Umpqua, Inc.

Tired of trying to create the perfect bend in standard hooks for your bendback patterns? Tired of losing fish because of inadequate hook engagement caused by an improper hook point-to-hook shank alignment? Umpqua's "X" Series XS435 Bendback hook has been introduced to solve these two problems and because of the unique "V" Lock Bend keeps you hooked up for the long fight. Veterans know that baitfish and shrimp patterns tied bendback style are virtually weedless. The XS435 Bendback hook is sure to cause a resurgence in this style's popularity because of its superior design and unparalleled performance.
Product Price Quantity Stock
#6 #6 (120164)
$14.45 5
#4 #4 (120165)
$14.45 6
#2 #2 (120166)
$14.45 5
#1 #1 (120167)
$14.45 4

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