Shad Fly Tying Round Table - 2/7/24

Thank you to everyone who came to our Shad Fly Tying Round Table on February 7th. We had a fun evening discussing shad and tying some flies. We enjoyed seeing some new patterns, learning new techniques, and talking about one of our favorite fisheries. The consensus is that the best fishing of the 2023/24 season is yet to come. The St. Johns River has been high all season and its retreat has been slower than usual. Visit our Shad Season 2023/24 Overview for more information on the fish, the river, and current conditions. A wide variety of flies were tied and discussed. Most were specifically shad flies, but some are used for other species also in the St. Johns River. Several tyers provided us with recipes for their favorite (or, in some cases, experimental) patterns along with photos or fly samples for us to photograph. We are sharing them here, with permission from the tyers.

Angel Hair Minnow by Chad Helenthal

Angel Hair Minnow
Materials List:
Tying Notes:
  • Stack fibers on top and bottom of hook in a similar fashion to an EP Minnow.
  • Trim Down size of Gambusia.
  • Color sides and top with sliver sharpie.
  • Color top with black sharpie.
  • Leave a white belly.
  • Add 1/8 stick on eyes and cover with UV resin.

Shad Dart by Keith Browning

Shad Dart
Materials List:

Hogan's Summer Smallmouth by Clay Swinger

Hogan's Summer Smallmouth

This one isn't a shad fly but will be effective for the many largemouth bass found in the St. Johns. They don't know it was originally tied for smallmouth!

Materials List:

Gamboozler by T.J. Bettis

Gamboozler flies
Materials List:

Shad Fly Assortment by Ed Mlotkiewicz

Shad Flies

Ed was kind enough to a variety of different patterns with us, several of which he tied during our event. These are simple and quick to tie yet effective.

Shad Puff - #1, #2, #3

Materials List:

Comet - #4, #5

Materials List:

Traditional Shad Dart Variations - #6, #7, #12, #13

Materials List:

Simple Shad Dart - #8, #9

Materials List:

Gambusia Jig Fly - #10, #11

Materials List:
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