Cortland Tropic Plus Tarpon Taper Fly Line

Cortland Line Company


Made with a hard, slick coating on a strong monofilament core, this excellent tropical line resists tangling and stands up to blistering heat. The short front taper will help you make short casts when fish show up right by the boat while the long rear taper will give you excellent control in the air and the ability to pick like up off of the water. 

While the line has "Tarpon" in the name, the line will work well for any inshore gamefish. Made all the way down to a 7wt. Keep in mind that, while most saltwater lines made today are considerably heavier than AFTMA standards, this line is built to the standards.  This will mean that if you typically use overweighted lines you may need to go up a line weight or two to get the same feel. 



  • Quick Loading
  • Excellent Accuracy and Control
  • Slick, hard tropical coating for tangle free casts
  • Dual welded loops
    Product Price Quantity Stock
    WF7F / Aqua Green/Sand WF7F / Aqua Green/Sand (120520)
    $99.95 2
    WF8F / Aqua Green/Sand WF8F / Aqua Green/Sand (120521)
    $99.95 3
    WF9F / Aqua Green/Sand WF9F / Aqua Green/Sand (120522)
    $99.95 3
    WF10F / Aqua Green/Sand WF10F / Aqua Green/Sand (120523)
    $99.95 3
    WF11F / Aqua Green/Sand WF11F / Aqua Green/Sand (120524)
    $99.95 3
    WF12F / Aqua Green/Sand WF12F / Aqua Green/Sand (120525)
    $99.95 4

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