Dupre Spoon Fly

Dupre Spoon Flies


Capt. Jim Dupre's spoon fly is a favorite of fish everywhere. While typically used in saltwater (we'll vouch for the fact that it works great on redfish!) it also works well on a number of freshwater species. Give one a try. You won't be sorry!

To allow for maximum action, we recommend using a loop knot, such as the Nonslip Mono Loop, to attach a spoon fly to your tippet. 

Product Price Quantity Stock
Black Cherry/Black Cherry Black Cherry/Black Cherry (108704)
$8.49 14
Black Cherry/Gold Black Cherry/Gold (108701)
$8.49 9
Blue Pearl/Pink Blue Pearl/Pink (108706)
$8.49 12
Copper Orange/Gold Copper Orange/Gold (108697)
$8.49 11
Gold/Gold Gold/Gold (108695)
$8.49 19
Purple/Gold Purple/Gold (108702)
$8.49 7
Abalone Abalone (108705)
$8.49 11

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